lunes, abril 21, 2008

My First Google Letter

This weekend I’ve received a letter from Google. Thanks goodness I was awarded by my cousin Arnau (my beloved movie soundtracks composer). ‘Cause if I did not, I would think that at least Google had taken into account my skill, my degrees and my knowledge in order to contract me, send me to Silicon Valley to manage future of the organization…..but this is not the reason.

Things are simpler most of the times. This is the way that Google AdSense program checks identities and postal address from affiliates. This is only a letter to proof that I’m alive, I’m a real person and in future if Google AdSense program is going to pay me for advertisements, this is my real address to do it.

Do not think I’m going to be rich from dusk till dawn. AdSense program is not created in that way (the only one that is rich is Google). After a year and a half, I’ve only generated 10 dolars ¡¡¡TEN DOLARS!!! It’s ridiculous. We’re talking about less than 7 euros.

But please, do not forget to click in my Google links, please click on my Google advertisements, and please use Google search box that is placed next right.

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