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Bad Monkeys

Only one day and a half. I started it on Saturday morning, when I was leaving Berlin Tegel and I finished it on Sunday evening next day. So, this is a very clear clue about its quality. This book is very very attractive, suggestive and you get caught at very first page. As it is said in book's cover: “If you leave this book on a train, you will buy another copy tomorrow”.

But, before talking about the book, I must confess that I bought it only 'cause the cover was eye-catching. I was in Berlin Tegel airport. Only one book shop in the check-in area, and, of course, 99% were German books. Only one shelf had English books. Only TEN books were in English. I asked the young lady who ruled the shop about more English books. She was pretty and cute, with those little glasses that told me she loves books and probably she reads more than one a day. But she told me that only those ten books where available. She felt sorry, but that was it was. So, I had ten books. I only recognized two of them. “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” and “Anne Frank's Diary”, but I did not want to read them. So, I watched other ones carefully and I stared at “Bad Monkeys”. It's cover was very beautiful. Comic styled, with and old style effect. It seems like old books with fabric red cover. I bought it. You can see it in the image that opens this entry.

"Bad Monkeys" is a psychological thriller novel by Matt Ruff, or at least that is what I can say at first thought. But I think is more than that. "Bad Monkeys" is very funny, it has the same sense of humor than a heroes comic books. And of course, It has too much action, so it very complete.

The plot would be more or less like this: It starts is a psychiatric hospital from Las Vegas. A psychiatrist named Dr. Vale interviews Jane Charlotte, who is there for the murder of a man called Dixon. Jane claims that she works for a secret organization devoted to EVIL prevention and that she is the operative for the Department for the Final Disposition of Irredeemable Persons, which is also known as Bad Monkeys. She works for Cost-Benefits, the area that rules operations. She also claims that her job is to eliminate individuals who are guilty of heinous crimes, but might elude normal channels of justice. Jane tells her story to Dr. Vale about her life working with Bad Monkeys.”

The question is that at very beginning reader feel lost. You do not know if Jane is telling the truth (doctor will help you in trying to unmount Jane's history) or if she is indeed working for that secret organization, what deep is that organization. The books goes on Jane's histories in terms of flashbacks. And among them, the actual interview between Jane and Doctor goes on. It is very terrifying to discover Jane's history about evil and indeed about herself. But there are too many surprises there.

I have enjoyed too much the way that Matt Ruff develops characters. All of them are very well described and their motivations and the way they act in every situations are clear. In the secret organization Jane describes there are too many people in different roles, and every one is well described. Also action scenes are perfect. There are some scenes with gadget, impossible movements, too much shoots, explosions and so on, and everything is well conformed.

So, this is a good book. It has been a pleasure reading it, above all 'cause I discovered it by chance. I recommend it.
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