lunes, octubre 15, 2012


The book of this week has been "Silverfin", the first volume of "The Young James Bond" series by Charlie Higson. I must say that I read it in English, the only language that is on sale (in dead trees mode and ebook). In Spanish is discontinued for years ... these morons editors.

I must also say that I approached this reading by the fifth series book over two years ago as I told you here. This first book is much, much better than fifth. My opinion has changed radically. "By Royal Command" seemed very for youngers and bland. This first one is still for youngers, but much better argued and organized than the other one. In addition, "Silverfin" contains a lot, but much more adult essence of Bond.

The series follows the adventures of a young Bond, in 1930 when just have 12/14 years and begins at Eaton College. In the book under review, Bond returns to Scotland on holiday. To see her aunt and her uncle. He stumbles into a mystery in the castle that is on Lake Silverfin ... and of course, gets in trouble.

What I liked much is that the character is true to what should be a young man who later becomes the most famous spy, hard, incorrigible, crude and deadly. But with 14 years. In addition is beautiful Higson's affection for Bond's world and other references of so many books and movies from that universe. Higson is a best-Seller, and knows how to do it.

References are countless, from the car he learns to drive the young Bond, Aston Martin, actually a Bamford & Martin who years later converts in the legendary British brand. References to young characters who will be in "Casino Royal" or "From Russia with Love". And so on.

I also liked the moments of tension. Very well kept and very on edge, even for a child almost. And especially as things resolved, as Bond learns "skills" that are very useful many years later. And family. The history of the parents, the uncle who was a spy, etc.

Perhaps worst are concessions to the youth, just very naive and somewhat rare, but very few. In addition there are lessons for the youngest, and the bad of cheating, the good in training and fighting for what you want, etc.. That's fine.

Bottom line, easy reading in English. For sure is an approximation to a juvenile Bond, but nevertheless is a reading for everyone, and now a must read for the true fans of the character. Now I have the other three books, which I have also bought in English ....

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Fernando Sanz dijo...

It seems that you enjoy it, good for you, partner... Nevertheless I´m waiting in despair for "The doors of stone"... ainsss